Watkinson School’s Literary and Visual Arts Showcase

Her Series

Julia S.

Class of 2025

The neighbors kept on stopping by to say their condolences for my late wife. I couldn’t let them into the house though, because I was still cleaning up her blood.

My wife passed away last week. I just finished bleaching the sheets I used to strangle her.

They say, the more you wear leather, the better it looks. Her skin is so pretty.

I can still feel the warm presence of her breath on my neck, but when I shoot up in my bed, she’s gone. I almost forgot I’ve been living alone for years.

I’m woken up by the sound of a baby crying in the cradle down the hall. Typically, this would’ve been the norm for a new father, but she died yesterday.

I stand over her grave, knowing damn well I was the one who put her there. I choke down the laugh as I walk away, almost blowing my cover when I hear knocking.