Watkinson School’s Literary and Visual Arts Showcase

I Am A Traveler

Finn W.

Class of 2029

Hello, my name is Finn W. I’m from Watkinson School. I started to love writing when I got to Watkinson and I got a lot of work about poems so I began to put my all into them. These are some of the poems that I worked so hard on. I loved them and I’m happy with how they came out. I hope you enjoy them too.

I am a traveler

I wonder if i’ll go across the country in a camper van

I hear car wheels slowly coming to a stop at a gas station

I see birds chirping

I want to be driving thru a green rain forest

I am a traveler

I pretend to have holidays with my family

I feel the soft moss as i walk over it

I touch the weird soft grip as the steering wheel starts to rip

I worry the car will come to a stop slowly in the middle of nowhere

I cry everyday that i’m without my family

I am a traveler

I understand it’s hard to have enough money to do trips every year

I say i don’t want to go home

I dream i never said that

I try to cross the world but not yet

I hope i go home soon

I am a traveler