Author: Landon Schlossinger

  • The Four Armed Person
  • Into The Soul

    Into The Soul

    Forest G. Dark-eyed juncos, quite a common species in the North-East during the winter months, often get overlooked. I hoped to capture a moment where it showed their uniqueness and character. The line created by this junco’s belly across the snowbank’s silhouette emphasizes just that: the playfulness and intrigue these birds can have.

  • I Remember

    I Remember

    Charles T. When I write, I try to make sure that every motif I include contributes to the story. My stories are meant to provoke thoughts and questions rather than answers. In doing this, I allow readers to think theoretically and symbolically as they progress through my pieces. In short, I always strive to have…

  • Her Series

    Her Series

    Julia S. The neighbors kept on stopping by to say their condolences for my late wife. I couldn’t let them into the house though, because I was still cleaning up her blood. My wife passed away last week. I just finished bleaching the sheets I used to strangle her. They say, the more you wear…

  • Mirror Series

    Mirror Series

    Julia S. Class of 2025 I like to have staring contests in the mirror. My eyes strain until I watch my reflection blink. The more I stare at my reflection, the more I realize it isn’t my own. It’s smiling. “Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look,” I tell myself as a second shadow forms in…

  • I Am A Traveler

    I Am A Traveler

    Finn W. Hello, my name is Finn W. I’m from Watkinson School. I started to love writing when I got to Watkinson and I got a lot of work about poems so I began to put my all into them. These are some of the poems that I worked so hard on. I loved them…

  • Clay Purse

    Clay Purse

    Landon S. This clay purse represents a combined effort to express my passion for fashion with my love of 3D art. This design was a labor of love and it stood strong through trials similar to my own path as a student and artist.

  • Home Body

    Home Body

    Nick G.

  • Dogwood


    Nick G.

  • Jungle Breeze

    Jungle Breeze

    Sophia S.

  • Hemlock Wraithfighter

    Hemlock Wraithfighter

    Caleb G. This model, a Hemlock Wraithfighter, is on a 105x70mm base with it bearing down upon a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armor. Both are Warhammer 40K models. The Wraithfighter is painted in a modified Alatioc Craftworld color scheme painted using Citadel paints.

  • Confidence


    Janey B. In my artwork I try to convey deep meanings that can’t be uncovered with just one glance. I prioritize animals and nature because I have a dream to help and protect endangered species for generations to come.

  • Harring


    Abagail B.

  • Bittersweet


    Abagail B.

  • Untitled


    Abagail B.

  • Untitled 352

    Untitled 352

    Maeve T.

  • Pastel Portrait

    Pastel Portrait

    Jayme V. Hi my name is Jayme, I am in tenth grade and Watkinson. I love animals, nature and art! Thank you so much for reading the New Hog River Review!